Saturday, March 16, 2019

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BackgroundOffice ergonomics as is the eluding with other check up ons in ergonomics all emerged in the 1940s during the ball war (McCormick and Saunders 1993). Difficulties arouse from soldiers inability to handle technical equipment produced for the war out-of-pocket to physical repugnance or lack of understanding of the equipment and when the advancements in engineering science was transferred to the civilian populous after the war, the same problems in human-machine system incompatibility were observed. This led to a study by military psychenel, academics psychologists and physiologist all researching on resolutions to the complications arising from the operation of the machines (Kumar and Cohn, 2013).In the year 1949 the term ergonomics was coined from the Greek haggling ergo meaning work and nomos meaning law in a meeting attended by distinguished psychologist and physiologist. The same group posterior formed the ergonomic research society (ERS) which was the first bod y in the world to study on ergonomics. ERS then(prenominal) evolved to the ergonomics society (ES) and then to the current Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF) (Omerley, 2103). Office ergonomics is severalise of this generalized evolution of ergonomics with it being a recognized discipline among the domains of ergonomics. Office ergonomics deals mainly in the office setting or purlieu and helps in averting injuries and adapting the work to the person rather than the person to the work.Development of office ergonomics Office ergonomics was developed in a bid to better the already good functional environment (Lauren, 2006). This helps individuals operating machines give their best job results as well as maximizing production. As production is increased, risks of injury are corkingly red... ...lementation of the solution by the committee. Worker compensation cost also reduced by 10%. This saved Quad graphics money that would be use in compensation and valuable days th at would have been lost repayable to worker absence (Lauren, 2006).Conclusion/opinionErgonomics is a great tool in increasing worker productivity and improving working conditions in work stations. Any make-up that encompasses ergonomics in its operations is saving lots of money from time wastage and worker compensation. Organizations should not carry until their workers become injured or ill so that they introduce ergonomics. They should preferably adopt it from the word go. By doing so, workers have confidence in the organization as they feel cared for thus will give their best bandage at work. The moment ergonomics becomes a way of life in all organizations, everything changes for the better.

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