Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Catcher in the Rye :: essays research papers

The particle Of The Wedding and The Catcher The Rye argon both similar novels in the way adolescents want to belong to a group of commonwealth only if there is one major difference. Frankie is feel to grow up so that she can fit in with the people around her while Holden wants to avoid adulthood completely as he sees the adult area as being false and corruptible. In Member Of The Wedding Frankie feels like she doesnt fit in to a youngsters world. This is due to a number of reasons. She wishes now to belong to a more adult society.Frankie feels alienated from the rest of her friends. When they play underneath the pergola Frankie doesnt fit because she is too tall. She resents this and sees her friends as ugly screaming kids. Frankie attempts to assist the older girls but they say she smells and when they talk about sex Frankie doesnt understand referring to this as nasty lies. Here we see Frankie excluded from the adult world that she longings to belong to.Frankie also feels excluded from her family. Her father wont allow her to stay in the same bed as him anymore. He says that she is too medium-large now. He is rarely at family unit and when he is he scarcely speaks to Frankie. She attempts to converse with him but he just grunts at her. Eventually when he does talk to her he doesnt say much. After the wedding he shows a lack of understanding towards his daughter. She needs him but he tells her to handgrip until they are at home because then he will revenge her for her behaviour. Berenice is the mother figure in her life but she returns to her own home and family in the evening. She feels excluded from Jarvis and Janice too because when they arrive home for a few geezerhood they invite Frankies father but not her. She feels this isnt genuinely fair as she is also part of the family. This heightens Frankies isolation and also heightens her desire to belong to a group.Frankie wants to belong to the navy and then decides to give beginning to the Red Cross. She is refused on both accounts because she is too young. She thinks the freaks and criminals are trying to crop eye contact with her so she can join their group but Frankie does not want that.

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