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American History before the Revolution

The discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 led to the colonial expansion of the nations of Western Europe. These colonies were created to push trade forwards in the form of new imports, primarily raw materials as a base for trade and creations of new products. This topic will focus on the history of North America before the American Revolution in 1776. The first successful English colony was established by the London Virginia Company in 1607 and was known as Jamestown. It was primarily created for the purpose of looking for gold.It was not successful in its venture but eventually found money in growing tobacco which eventually bloomed into plantations with settlers coming in with servants and slaves to create their own. The colony depended on the trade of these crops and most of them were shipped straight back to Britain. The formation of this colony was followed by the settlement of the Pilgrims, a protestant sect based in England and the Netherlands in Massachuse tts. They were escaping religious persecution aboard the Mayflower and they drew themselves the Mayflower compact after landing which gave them power of self governance.This was followed by the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1629 by the Puritans. They wished to create a religious nation that would serve the true religion. The banishment of Roger Williams from the colony for preaching the separation of church and state led the creation of Rhode Island Colony. From an economic standpoint they were also self-sustaining. Their economy worked on every farmer sustaining himself and having to trade for any goods they could not provide for themselves. The three of these colonies formed the Cheapsake bay area.The middle colonies consisted of what are presently New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. These colonies were characterized by much diversity in their religious, economic, political and ethnic practices. Connecticut was also formed. The colonization of the l ower south started in Carolina in 1670 by the English Lords Proprietors. It was mainly set up as a trading colony especially in South Carolina. They eventually cultivated rice in 1690 through the aid of the African slaves they brought with them.The political differences between the settlers in this colony created much conflict and eventually war which lead to the Proprietors selling it back to the British Crown. A member of parliament known as James Oglethorpe established Georgia Colony in 1733 as a way to form a base against Florida which was occupied by Spain at the time. It was established with strict moral laws which forbade slavery and alcohol along with other forms of immortal acts. Once these laws were rescinded the country went from poverty to prosperity. It consisted of people from varied religious backgrounds.Great Britain eventually won East and West Florida from the Spaniards in 1763 and returned it in 1783 when they left. By 1700 most of the regions were divided in two halves. Their origins brought about the creation of two very different societies. The colonies of New England were much more individualistic as compared to the Southern colonies. The northern colonies touted freedom of religion and of the political process. They formed their society around an orthodox method in order to set an example for all other societies. In contrast the southerners were developed around the bases of economics.Their society was more geared towards mercantilism. The vast quantities of cheap land available to them allowed them to pursue this interest. In order to facilitate their economy they also formed a government which was based according to the Virginia Charter. The increasing demand for English goods grew rapidly in the 1700s and with the possession of the cotton industry in the south the colonies soon outpace England in terms of exports. This was mainly due to the fact that the colonies made use of slaves for labor purposes which brought them great prosperi ty.In the 1600 the English passed a series of laws known as the Navigation Acts which restricted the use of foreign shipping to trade between England and its colonies. This was mainly done to limit Dutch merchants from trading with its colonies and allowed England to be the main hub for all colonial products. These acts though bringing Britain great wealth caused great resentment in the colonies. This was so because the laws restricted the ability of the colonies to trade with anyone but the English, with these in effect it decreased their power to be independent of the Royal Court.Thus these Mercantilist policies were refused by the colonies as they saw it as a control over their economies and their government. In order to avoid heavy taxes and regulations the colonies resorted to smuggling their goods. The loss of much wealth led the British to enact the writ of assistance which enabled officers to freely search citizens and homes which were suspected of smuggling. The colonists f ound this to be a violation of their civil rights as citizens of the crown. One of the main ways that smugglers from the colonies operated was the selling tea to the American colonies.Originally the tea came from England through the East India Company, however when Benjamin Franklin suggested that the company bypass England and deal with the colonists directly, the smugglers lost their source of income. In rebellion they tossed 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. This led to the Boston Port Act through which Britain closed down Boston harbor until the tea was paid for. The mercantilism system had a draconian effect on the colonies. Following the Seven years war in 1765 the British Parliament imposed a stamp tax on the American colonies requiring by law that all printed materials carry it.This was to pay for the military funds from the war of which the colonists were considered benefactors. This was also considered violations of their rights as colonial citizens to decide their own tax laws and led to many protests from New England to Georgia. Other British colonies also rebelled against the tax as they saw it as a threat to their economy and it was eventually repealed in 1766. This added further fuel to the colonist resentment and concerns of the British parliament. The last straw was that of the Boston Massacre where the deaths of five civilians in 1770 and sparked the fire which led to the American Revolution.In the end it was all of the reasons above along with the need of the colonies to establish their own government free from the religious, economic and governmental persecution of the English that led to the creation and subsequently fight for the freedom of the colonies and as we know in the end they succeeded. References Internet History Sourcebooks Project. (2007, June 4). Colonial North America. Retrieved May 24, 2009, from Internet Modern History Sourcebook : http://www. fordham. edu/halsall/mod/modsbook07. html

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Rhetorical Analysis, Mickey Mouse

Rhetorical Analysis 10 February 2013 In the article The Masks of Mickey Mouse, Robert Brockway explains how Mickey Mouse was one of the most important cultural symbols during the twentieth century. The article discusses how mickey mouse went from being a slap stick cartoon character like all other animated personalities and grew into a much more complicated being. He was the sign of hope and escape during the depression and evolved even more into the dominating avatar of Disney itself. Brockway begins his article by describing Walt Disney himself trying to explain the dramatic success of his simply drawn cartoon character.It starts the article by showing the reader that even Disney himself is shocked by the massive popularity the animated mouse collects during the 1920s and 1930s. This also sets up the first point the writer pushes which is that Mickey Mouse is no ordinary cartoon character but a diverse, evolving cultural symbol that everyone around the world can relate to. As the a uthor puts it, â€Å"He has become an archetypal symbol, not only to Americans but to people everywhere, especially to the generation that was young during the thirties. Brockway goes on to reinforce the initial argument by stating that the entire film industry was shocked by the torrential success of Disney’s character and saying, â€Å"Mickey was instantly popular not only among ordinary people young and old, but with intellectuals, artists, and heads of state (Profiles of Popular Culture 80). † The author continues to press the point of the cartoon’s global influence talking about the king, George V, in England requiring a Mickey Mouse short be watched before every film performances and the Emperor of Japan wearing a Mickey Mouse watch.Shortly after proving Mickey’s dominance of international culture Brockway talks about how complicated the short, round mouse really is. He claims Disney himself tried to explain the mouse’s popularity simply on his plainness, saying that everyone could understand him easily. Brockway counters this statement by stating, â€Å"He is as complex as Disney was himself and as profound in his symbolic and mythic implications as any mythic or fairy tale character (Profiles of Popular Culture 80). † Another point the author makes about Disney’s character was that it was in the actual shape of Mickey’s body that was a reason for his dominance. He also evokes the mysteries of the circular design which some authorities find profoundly significant as an archetypal figure. Such a phenomenon can scarcely be dismissed as frivolous,† Brockway announces in his article. There is a statement later in the essay that talks about curved shapes having always been a favorite of people even if they don’t realize it. It states that since there is no threat in a curved surface we enjoy them more, unlike a sharper object with points which we see as more of a danger.For this reason the author deducts that one of the contributing factors to Mickey’s early competition, Felix the cat, didn’t last simply because of how sharp his design was. The essay quotes John Hench, â€Å"Mickey has been accepted all over the world, and there is obviously no problem of people responding to this set of circles. I’m going to oversimplify this, but circles never cause anybody any trouble. We have bad experiences with sharp points, with angles, but circles are things we have fun with- babies, women’s behinds, breasts. So Mickey was made this way, while a contemporary known as Felix the Cat didn’t get anywhere.He has points all over him like a cactus (Profiles of Popular Culture 87). † Brockway also quotes Ub Iwerks on the shape of mickey’s head, â€Å"Mickey’s face is a trinity of wafers- and the circular symbol†¦ always points to the single most vital aspect of life- its ultimate wholeness (86). † The other contribut ing factor the author lists as to why Felix the Cat doesn’t go anywhere was that he never evolved from the slapstick comedy that started him out. Mickey also began his career with a slapstick style as did many artists in the twenties.Unlike Felix though, Mickey didn’t remain in the slapstick genre of comedy. According to Durgnat, slapstick emerges from childlike impulsiveness, dream fantasy and visual poetry. The â€Å"slapstick comedians are childlike, and†¦ act out impulses which as adults we suppress (Profiles of Popular Culture 83). † Disney evolved Mickey Mouse during the thirties because of the tone that America had taken. The economic crisis called for a different kind of comedy a more upbeat type. The bleakness of everyday life called for a cartoon that displayed sentimental escapism.Brockway claims that Disney seamlessly changed the style of his cartoon to relate to the changing times in America with shorts called Silly Symphonies (84). Brockway wr ites that this is not the only evolution Mickey must go through to stay relevant. During the second world war, Mickey is matured again to fit with the times. He goes from short films to being the face of the corporate Disney image. Brockway claims he became the â€Å"organized man (86). † Brockway’s final point in the text is that Mickey, as many heroes do, will die out in popularity as the generation that grew up with him also dies.He states, â€Å"Mickey has some impact on younger people but far less than upon those born during the inter-war years. That generation is now senior and it is also diminishing. All gods eventually die and Mickey is no exception. But, being immortals, all gods rise. Mickey, too, may be reborn in some future imaginary character of the popular culture of which he is an avatar†¦ Future generations will encounter him again (Profiles of Popular Culture 88). † Works Cited Browne, Ray B. , ed. Profiles of Popular Culture: A Reader. Mad ison, WI: University of Wisconsin, 2005. Print.

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The Role of Women as Shown through Marriage Law Essay

The Role of Women as Shown through Marriage Law - Essay Example As the essay declares women have always suffered a subjugated role in all societies from the beginning of civilization, surviving records from several ancient societies reveal that women are only just now surpassing the freedoms afforded them centuries ago. Although the women of ancient Sumeria didn’t have quite the same freedoms experienced by women of the modern world, a look back through the laws of Assyria and the Old Testament reveal a gradual tightening of restrictions placed on women in reaction to either political or theological threats, eventually leading to near drudgery status for most women through history’s most imbalanced periods. This paper discusses that marriage laws within this code are very specific regarding the rights of the woman being almost equal to the rights of the man. For example, the bride’s family had to agree to the marriage by accepting the bride-price from the groom’s family. That the girl was a valued member of society is indicated in that this bride-price, along with a dowry provided by her family, went with her into her new marriage and remained her property for life. Underscoring the value of the bride to her family is the idea that the bride is always a member of her father’s house, regardless of to whom or how long she has been married. The code of King Hammurabi also provided for near equal chance to divorce. When the man opted to divorce the woman, she retained custody of any children and he had to pay the ancient day equivalent of child support.

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American Policy, Judicial Activism and Restraint Assignment

American Policy, Judicial Activism and Restraint - Assignment Example In giving its ruling, the conservative group of the Roberts Court improved the cause of "corporate personhood" through giving large corporations the capacity to drown out the voices of the electorate by the production and circulating of quasi-media messages promoting or demeaning certain political candidates. In giving corporations this power, the Court opened the door to making them the most powerful purveyors of public opinion, devoid of requiring accountability or truthfulness (Manje 102). This is a power that should not be granted to corporations, thus I close this question is support of judicial restraint powers. In Furman v. Georgia, the justices considered the death penalty as a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment because these death sentences were cruel and unusual in the same manner that being struck by lightning is unusual and very cruel (Griffins 304). They argued the fact that people charged with rape are simply convicted, but those charged with petty crime want to be executed. I feel that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime so long as it is imposed on the necessary crimes that deserve to be punished with the death penalty. For instance, rapists, people who are charged with more than three counts of any crime. This will work as a very good example of deterring crime rates (Griffins 305). What would make one form of capital punishment cruel and unusual is the virtual belief that genuinely innocent individuals will be executed and that there is no likely way of repaying them for this miscarriage of justice? What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, for instance, is the agony the innocent friends and family of criminals have to also undergo during the execution. However, the judges took into consideration the message they were sending to likely culprits in order to deter crime. (Griffins  304) Haidt’s research gives me greater insight into why people feel differently than I do about politics and government due to the simple fact that their always opposing views about politics that is why there are liberalism and conservatism.

Research Proposal on a topic that links Knowledge Management System

On a topic that links Knowledge Management System with Cloud Computing - Research Proposal Example Explicit knowledge is the type of information that an individual has and he is more conscious of, and he can communicate the same with other people, this kind of knowledge is the one that organisations focus on capitalising on. Cloud computing is a term that is used to refer a large interconnection of computers that share data, this means that instead of using the local servers or personal devices to handle applications, organisations rely on sharing of computing resources through the use of internet. The interlink between knowledge management and cloud computing in an organisation comes in several ways where an organisation will use the cloud computing resources in knowledge management. Cloud storage, which has a vast of storage space in comparison to the typical storage spaces such as the hard disks, is a key driver of knowledge management tools such as blogging, micro-blogging pages, wiki, individual web spaces, podcasts, webcasts that require large volumes of storage space. The f lexibility that cloud computing offers in terms of the dedicating space when it is needed is convenient for knowledge management activities such as teleconferencing, web calls and lead capture, the ease of access of information that has been stored in the cloud computers by multiple users facilitates fast approval of information which has allowed workflow to be more efficient. Knowledge management has been ineffective for a long time due to several reasons; one of the reasons is that knowledge management has been confined to the walls of the organisation for a long time. This is despite the common knowledge that most of the useful information to the employees of a company is present outside these walls, which would improve the innovativeness and efficiency of the employees. With the discovery and growth of internet, most of the organisations that used intranet in knowledge management from actively managing the productivity of critical knowledge assets have made it become a publisher of informational assets. With the introduction of cloud computing in knowledge management, every individual either within or out of an organisation will become a knowledge manager. as tools become easier to use, individuals will actively contribute to the relevance of the information that is available within an organisation, in addition to this, individuals will be able to contribute to the improvement of the of practises and improvement of decision making. It will as be possible to send the information available within an organisation outside and also monetize it for the benefit of the organisation, however this will require companies to change their policies that govern how knowledge is shared within an organisation and new ways on how to gain a competitive edge using knowledge. While knowledge management has been a priority to most of the organisations for many years, addressing the challenge that comes with it has been relatively hard for most of the organisations (Kambil, 2009 , p67). With the current increasing economic uncertainties, reducing loyalties among customers, a very diversified workforce and increasing competition have made companies to find new and innovative ways to advance their knowledge management standards to match these challenges. These problems have been made

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Training need analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Training need analysis - Essay Example The individual performance is then ranked against those of other employees and then linked to some form of reward. This has now been found to be ineffective and redundant primarily because the validity of such evaluation rests on the appraiser. There are various flaws in this system of determining the training needs. While it could reflect the personal bias of the appraiser, the employee too may over-emphasize where goals are known to be monitored, or de-emphasize where goals have not been set. The philosophy of the founder of Marriott was "Take care of Marriott people and they will take care of Marriott guests" (Cannon, 2002). They believe that "Hands-on managers" are absolutely vital to continuing the Marriott culture. The managers need to possess the people skills in being able to support, inspire, encourage, lead and listen to associates. Employees leave the organization or form unions when they are dissatisfied with the management. With the changed business environment, emphasis is now on soft skills like conflict resolution and stress management instead of technicalities. It is essential that managers should be well trained so that retaining employees is easier as retention is a critical issue in most organizations today. Human capital is the key to gaining competitive advantage in the ever-changing international environment. According to Das (2001) there has been a shift in the management styles and administrative practices to survive and prosper against competition. A cohesive framework is essential to maximize organizational effectiveness. Vermeulen and Crous (2000) believe that the best way to institute quality into an organization, is to train the people to do their jobs better. Training and development includes skills which are job-related and also that are not related. This helps in motivating and enhancing self-esteem as the employees feel the organization cares for them. Motivation is essential for retention and succession planning in today's scenario. Before undertaking the training of any department or a group of people, it is essential to undertake a training need analysis, which is helpful in developing the training program. Training need analysis Training need analysis at the organization, person and task level should be integrated to provide an effective strategy according to McGehee and Thayer (cited by Leat & Lovell, 1997). At the organization level the training needs should be best directed to match the organizational objectives. Organizational effectiveness would be evident from increased resourcefulness, customer satisfaction and internal process improvement. The changes required in performance standards would reveal the changes necessary in training. Therefore the need analysis has to explore the organizational climate in addition to the skill resources. At the task level need analysis is essential to assess the demands of the respective job roles and the manner in which they may be enhanced. Job specification would help identify the skills and attributes essential to accomplish these tasks. Discussions with the job holder may also reveal certain inherent difficulties which may not be readily apparent. At the person le vel, need analysis reveals how well an individual fulfills the activities comprising his or her task role and identifying training interventions essential to improve performance and enhance employee development. A definitive behaviorally anchored instrument can be

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Article summary of Romer 2000 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of Romer 2000 - Article Example In the light of recent advances, it is deemed that time has come to re-evaluate the suitability of using the model in analyzing short-run fluctuations for the undergraduates. In addressing the shortfalls of the IS-LM model, a new theory is essential. A new model that replaces the LM curve composed with its supposition that the central bank marks the currency stream and that the bank monitors the interest rate tenet. The new model avoids the impediments that sprout with IS-LM that comprises the real against the nominal interest proportion and inflation against the value level. It makes treatment of financial policy calmer by reduction of the worth of simultaneity, and by allowing growth to subtleties that are modest and rational. The IS-LM model describes the economy by the use of two relationships; the output and the interest rate. The output is about the goods in the market. It portends that a higher interest rate decreases the demand for goods at a specific income level. It reduces the output level until the quantity of output demands equals the production quantity. It is the IS curve. The other relationship is about the currency fair. It portends that the quantity of cash needed or the liquidity requirement escalates with income and depreciates with the rate of interest (Romer, p 151). The model adopts a fixed price worth and so incapable of analyzing inflation. To include inflation analysis, aggregate supply was incorporated which birthed the present IS-LM-AS model. It added the fact that greater output translates to steeper level of price. But was this model the best suited for analyzing current short-run fluctuations. The model assumed controversially that the level of price does not change and in time to disturbances. The model is found to be unreliable and impractical. To improve this is the IS-MP-IA model. The model uses an

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We Can But Should We Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

We Can But Should We - Research Paper Example ) The company has already announced that about 280 people from New Jersey have consented to having chips implanted under their skin that contain health records for the trial use of the technology. (p. 65) The most important use of the human implantable chip, hence, is quick and reliable access to communication, including its communication and processing, without the need for another device. For instance, people could use a laptop, a flash disk or a cellular phone to store and transmit data, which could be lost, including the information they have, in the process. This will not be the case with the chip because it has to be implanted in the human body. According to Edwards (2005), chip implants are beneficial because it, in effect, would simplify life by making it possible to do away with driver’s licenses, passports, and other identification necessary in order to avail services such healthcare. (p. 164) The chip mentioned earlier, as manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions, contains a 16-digit number that communicates with a scanner. The process links the chip, including the identification and information stored therein, to the medical facility’s electronic database. This is seen as most beneficial to those patients entered into the emergency rooms after an accident or severe trauma. If the patient is unconscious or unable identify himself as well as his medical history, the chip could prove extremely useful. The information on the chip would allow the hospital to determine â€Å"family contact information, recent lab results, pharmacy prescription information and medical information.† (Hunt, Puglia and Puglia, p. 65) So far, the body of literature on the subject is silent in regards to the health risk of the healthcare chip. It is supposedly as small as a grain of rice and seems to pose no real danger to its bearer. What this means is that the most significant drawback to chip implantation is the ethical question. The groups raising opposition to the chip

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Irish revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Irish revolution - Essay Example A clash of opinions and perspectives results into conflicts. ‘Revolutionary changes’ ultimately refer to the outcomes of a revolution i.e. the resulting reforms and alterations that progress after a revolution. Most changes begin with a single major conflict but it is not until later that we realize whether it is revolutionary or not. On the other hand, when a nation faces the problem of sovereignty, a revolutionary outcome is guaranteed. When various major parties arise in a nation, with various ideologies, that condition is known as multiple sovereignty. Yet the result i.e. victory and defeat, in any condition can never be predicted with certainty. Dual sovereignty is when a nation has two major parties, mainly the ruling party and the opposition party, with two different point of views. Irish revolution was a rebellion against the British rule by the ‘united Irishmen’ of Ireland (The 1798 Irish rebellion 2013). ‘United society of Irishmen’ wa s a combination of various protesting parties into a single society. They demanded the separation of Ireland from Britain. The causes for this demand were deep rooted. The main conflict between the British and the Irish was due to religion. For many years Ireland had been ruled by the Anglican minority as they were a member of ‘established church that was loyal to the British crown’. ... he fact that Ireland was given lesser rights than other British colonies are some of the reasons which led to numerous disagreements between the government and the public. The United society of Irishmen mainly relied on the intervention of the French military. Their assistance came as promised in fleets however adverse weather conditions scattered them leaving the Irish support less. The French fleets were an open declaration of rebellion thus the British, acting from the Dublin castle, suppressed the society to almost non-existence. Contrary to further plans, the Dublin rebels retreated at the last second of rebellion and brought the minor resistances up front creating confusion, chaos and terror. All the rebellions were suppressed with the exception of Wexford. However the rebels again faced defeat New Ross, Arklow, Newtownbarry. The northern rebellions in Ballymena, Antrim and Ballynahinch were brutally crushed by the military. The United Irishmen suffered much causality and the n orthern revolt was suppressed. The army then progressed towards the Vinegar Hill where the rebels had camped. The army made a surprise attack upon them. They were slaughtered and hanged mercilessly. The British regained control over the country. The last blow on behalf of the Irish rebels was made by the French when 1000 troops attacked and won at Castlebar. However it was an empty victory as the French soon ran out of steam and surrendered to the British. The chief outcome of the rebellious activities was the abolishment of Irish parliament. Their failed freedom and independence movement led the British to take even more severe measures against them. This resulted in even lesser freedom, equality and liberty to the citizens of Ireland. The numerous amounts of causalities due to this

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Correlation Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Correlation Discussion - Essay Example 2. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient: This is considered the strongest measure of correlation; and is sensitive to even small variations in data. It is also a base for predictive analysis. The biggest problem with this method is that it requires data that is either on an equal interval or ratio scale; and cannot be used with data on simpler scales. 3. Rank Order Correlation Coefficient: This method is computed with data on an ordinal scale; and with a reasonably large sample size the results are quite robust. While the technique is quite robust, it can get extremely cumbersome as the size of the data set increases. 4. Biserial Correlation Coefficient: If the data sets belong to two variables that are inherently continuous, but the data available on one has been reduced to two discrete categories; one needs to compute a Biserial correlation coefficient. This technique is not as robust; and should not be substituted for a stronger one. 5. Point – Biserial C orrelation Coefficient: If a continuous variable needs to be correlated with a discrete dichotomous one; a Point – Biserial Correlation coefficient is computed. This technique is simple and important in fields of study where such occurrences are commonplace; but it is otherwise not too robust. 6.

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Photosynthesis Essay Example for Free

Photosynthesis Essay Photosynthesis is a very beneficial process. It consists of products that are an good impact on different things like its impact on species. Plants are important in regards to everything living and everything period. One way I believe photosynthesis is most beneficial in its relation to species. All living things go through a process. Plants in particular are very important in regards of being a energy source to animals and whatnot. Anything that eats plants is turned into an energy source. Plants may be the fuel to energize the animal so that another animal can eat that animal. Photosynthesis is part of the life cycle and thats pretty beneficial. Along with that benefit is the production of medication being important benefaction. Much of the herbal medication and over the counter medication has traces or even entire parts of different plants in them. Plants provide as many things including a cure. Certain plants like mint and flaxseed are used in teas and vitamins to ensure energy, nutrients and protection against viruses . Another way photosynthesis is beneficial is in regards to its use with trees producing oxygen. The entire process of photosynthesis ends up producing oxygen and sugar (glucose). In case you didnt know, any living animal or plant species on earth needs oxygen to survive . Its the most important requirement along with food and energy . There are many benefits of photosynthesis and I believe those benefits are mighty important. Photosynthesis is one of those processes that is nothing but beneficial.

Internet Essay Example for Free

Internet Essay Internet has become one of the basic needs for mostly peoples; we can’t expect our daily life without internet. If we observe, we can easily check out the fact that how internet has dominated in our lives and we are very much dependent on internet. Earlier internet wan the source to collect information only but as time and technology changing day by day, lots of new trends is coming and our daily life has shifted on Internet. If we want to explore any new palace, we use internet, if we want to go for shopping, we use internet and this is not the end point of our list. We use internet to solve our mostly daily uses queries. Internet has become very useful in the field of education. As internet contributing great help in education, here we are discussing how internet contributing for education. With the help of internet, we can easily contact with any one. Internet has diminished the differences and every resource is very near and close to the needy one. Earlier School and College projects were too tough to complete but with the help of internet, information and data is available 24? and every needy student can complete their projects with the help of a small research. In other words, now needy one can achieve the goal, excuses don’t exist now. The biggest source for information that is encyclopedia is available online and any one can use it to get desired information. Now there is no chance to get the incomplete information, Encyclopedia contains the most effective information’s and it is available online. Every news in online available, whatever happens is available suddenly sp there is no scope to look back or wait for some thing. You have internet and you can update yourself any time according to your own needs and time table. What ever is happening is visible. There are lots of Online Learning Programs are available for those who are unable to attend the classes or have any other problems. Even online collages and institute are also available to serve online education.

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STA Travel Business Strategy

STA Travel Business Strategy STA travels primary aim is attract young and active as well as adventurous consumers anywhere around the world. A sensible business strategy might be to offer what the customer want when they need it, By operating more than 400 retail agencies around the world STA continues to take more risky environment and would planning to expand into new markets to further its reach in to the student travel world. As many of organizations, STA travel managers give the impression that upgrading or changing components of information system will positively impact a business strategy. Therefore it takes advantage to expand it market by developing staff training mechanisms on networking system and modernizing its electronic communication with their customers. STA provided BLUEe which is a single booking system pointed to every purchase in STA travel by offering features on network, infrastructure, finance and operating system. Furthermore STA make available to their customers a highly interactive webs ite which attributing video reports STA customers about their travel destinations and freely downloading facilities the second life client or mainland as an advantage to becoming a playing member. It is important to balance the strategy triangle. By making any changes in the information strategy or organization strategy in first then the triangle getting out of balance and will be have an effect on other involving areas too. By considering on that view point when STA building their virtual world they do changes in business strategy like making staff are more productive and making widest possible work place opportunities. As well as STA travel is trying to attract more customers by holding expensive resources, using expertises knowledge and international programs in their group service division. By building these changes they trying to make connection between managers and their travelers. STA travel build a contract to develop their marketing attendance on second life through the computer simulated virtual world. As a well run organization the business strategy of the STA makes the rest of the organizational and informational strategy is not appear a big different. Organisation Strategy When considering the STA travel organisation design, STA had grown-up and spread out its global reach through a chain of mergers. To responsive to their globally distributed and various cultural consumers that the STA organised around responsiveness and would be including elements of autonomy, empowerment and authority as close to the action as possible. If organisation needs to have responsive, it would not work to have centralized decision making authority. Because it takes long time to get information up and decisions back to the field. The travelling process organised through the market analysis and service histories. Also they do series of organisational process (such as STA travel second life, by building a virtual world) and make sure customers the STA travel is able to actually ready to provide their booking service when customer need their service. STA designed web portal attract more travellers in to business and provide more information by downloading second life client software guide. From this second life web site STA travel offer their potential players to free download game and through the online the software connected to the grid computer servers and it is hosting one small area of many islands and the mainland. The new organisation structure in STA is centralized and provide more flexible infrastructure. Accordingly it has most advantageous of environment for monitor and implement new process. STA travel implements shared services measurement for certain processes and functions. And also STA provide level of structure when they making any decisions (CODA Group, p.3) In STA second life travel locations structure organisation would include; Dedicated portal and orientation island this will provide easy ways students to joint their second life and learn to find the way to the virtual world Virtual dorms helps to have private meetings and get together. Virtual travel destination provide experience in Mayan ruins, Asian temples and French cafes. STA travel main office provide the tour package information Produced Live weekly events and tours Sandbox provide practice to build own their virtual world. Information Strategy STA travels information strategy supports its business strategy through the innovation and openness. It has decentralized information strategy in each business unit and each unit responsible for their own IT operations. Currently STA has consistent and cost effective IT base that provide facilities to maintain of their world around operations. (Savvis ,2009,p.) Its web portal attract potential travellers by permitting their customers to downloads their client software and maintain online travel arrangements to suit the needs of the business. Their web sites provide mechanism to connect to their world wide travellers, to take their bookings, to provide services when the traveller needs more information regarding any destination and link to other branches. In STA most counties web pages consist look and feel and each country marketers feel free to design their marketing campaign using methods attach to internet. Fir instance, the US office run a virtual marketing campaign for spring break called body shots. To get more advantage they advised it on face book and Myspace too and also they offer facility to their customers to contact them through emails. STA taking the advantages of the through their new web technology such as they used to advertise, set up discussion groups and entertainment , use tools like second life to promote its services. Furthermore, STA travel information strategy support to their business strategy by helping to meet their business objectives of revenue generation as well as increasing referral income and improving online business sales conversion rates. Moreover, STA travel accept to work with IBM global Business Service and build up long term business plan with them to develop their business strategy. Also they help to STA travel to implement a global electronic commerce technology system to control STA across multiple web sites as the same time they offering the elasticity to adopt their local content. By having support from IBM and Open Text, STA travel keep up their latest online tends to get more benefit on their global business. The STA travel increasing their sites demand by offering new facilities, such as user generated travel log access and personal recommendation. Very speedily they rolled out new online services to thirteen countries. They can easily and quickly make the updates and changes in the web sites. Because the template or code of the web site updates are implement only once to the master project. (Open Text, 2009) It is good having virtual staff with proper information technology knowledge according to their whole system changes, because it will be more efficient and lead to increase their production and business operations. The STA travel flexible information structure supports the innovation and creativity to its business strategy. 2. According to porters value chain model STA travel also do some activities that create, deliver and support the organizations service. The real world From the beginning STA travel attract their customers through the retail travel agencies. Most of these agencies located in the near or on the campuses. When they started to run their application through internet they met new online competitors. For a instance, student universe and student city and less focused online travel agencies like Travelocity and Expedia. However porters value chain model suggests that competition can come from lowering the cost to perform activities and adding value to product or services. To be approachable to their global and culturally different customers STA travel gives more independent, responsibility and authority coverage. STA travel branches in each country have a power to maintain their own travel sales and marketing arms. north American STA division owned highly interactive web site which providing video reports about their travel destinations. As we can also think that there is tremendous relationship between STA travel business and information strategy. Because of the information system completely support what STA travel trying to accomplish in their business plan. Such as STA travel provide flexible and reliable information on a worldwide scale through their web site. They introducing different cultures, provide the experiencing with variety people and places around the world, make study groups, works and entertainment facilities. STA travel business model build up to meet the individual customer requirements through their on line booking and information system. STA travel expecting feed back about their quality vision from customers. Also they visible in the value chain on the product and service selling point, the place the where the travelers buying their tickets, in the airline operating point. STA always able to provide best value for their customers and had world class finance foundation in the financing system. (CODA Group, p.) The virtual world The work package as described in the contract with Electric Sheep Company (ESC) will develop virtual marketing on second life. This package given more attention to the island by designing high visibility site regarding on second life, producing the island and manage the events. Also by using electronic performers firm organized to marketing in virtual environment. From the second life web site players can download the client game software. Once in the online the client software connected to a grid of computer servers, each hosting area contain many islands and mainland which present in the second life. Machinima competition among current residents of second life is important point in the virtual world value chain because machinima is a style of movie making by using avatar as members of the cast and then using those entire make a film mix with virtual world context too. Selected videos provide within second life with their service information. STA travel provides opportunities to players to make up initial design of their online persona their avatar. From this mechanism players can see back of their avatar, nearby people, signs and buildings. And For new players system provide basic tool including instant massage and chat capabilities for communication with each other. In the contract mentioned that island include the STA mall and presenting free or with payment virtual goods which providing from second life trades, community lounge area, exhibition area for holding the events, STA information centre, various online initiatives and information about their travel partners. Further more plan to provide mix of tours of second life, live music from local musicians as well as tutorial sessions. 3. STA is a larger globally expanded student travel agency, presently attracting more than 6 million travelers world widely. It provide reasonably price as well as wide spread services to their customers. Such as financing air and train tickets, booking facilities for travelers accommodations, work and tours and study programmers. Furthermore they provide subsidiary services relating to their main services. Such as shopping discount cards, travel insurance, electronic visa processing system and discounted cell phone services too. Additionally, STA travel organization locates their retail agencies around the world and operates numerous call centers and stylish web site which make easier access to their world wide customers when their bookings and online travel research and customer support service. (Savvis ,2009,p.) STA travel is more competitive, well leading sales organization. By presence in second life, STA travel arranged more web base analysis and activities than earlier life. By providing free downloading client software to second life or occurring facilities to visit mainland. Because of more entertainment and new technology they use STA able to achieve more customer satisfaction and attraction. Second life strategy generates numerous destination islands to attract more customers and holding machinima competition among the second life clients. Machinima the movie making style make films by using avatar as cast members and with the context of virtual world. The main idea is to boast second life members who already make virtual world. STA travel used some of selected movies to provide information regarding existing visiting places and more details about those packages. The orientation island is another important element in the second life strategy. Most of the organization makes it to promote their island but it is main barrier to newcomers. For the eve ry newcomers orientation island provide lessons in communication, mobility and also avatar outfitting. However, it is difficult to maintain and attract return visitors in Destination Island. Newly, STA introduce new social community service to their customers such as share stories and questions with each other in the world. In the second life strategy STA travel try to maximize their online campaign by keep an eye on all activities on web applications. Additionally, make the improvement in visitors online visit by using analytics web tools and given that broader approaching to business performance. 4. As mentioned in case, still STA travels does not sign contact and its work package explain that commitments to develop virtual market in the second life. The Electronic Artists, a specializing company in marketing virtual environments will be going to create web blog. However keep the machinima completion with other second life residents. It is good idea making movie in the context of virtual world and planning to attract more clients and by using best selected movies to provide same real world services to second life. By taking advantage in virtual STA in second life customers can save time and money taking information from web portal before actually they make any tour. other interesting point in here is the earlier visit traveler can make an web account by placing their own tour experiment in second life and have a discussion group and also they can make feed back about STA travel campaign. STA virtual world applications help to predict customer behavior by providing Enjoyment attractions. 5. When considering the STAs virtual world, there are several threads we can face, such as use of new technology, IT support, business development, arising legal security issues, grown up content and discussion group and cost.For the large scale of virtual world need speedy computer processor and video cards with steady network. Therefore players want to familiar with the new technology parts and need to have knowledge in IT environment. STAs virtual world completely run by the grid computer server therefore it is essential for the IT support to maintaining and running the STAs virtual world. by considering current and future business development it is essential to take expertises support in their IT strategy and wants to handle the system carefully. Another challenge STAs virtual world has to face with the personal information safety and data protection. Players mostly concerns security issues given by the vendors before they enter to the second life. When bearing in mind the content o f the virtual world, concerns of the legal issues important point to vendors, for an instant gambling. When providing software guide about the virtual world it is vital to think about time they have to spend. Most of players expecting shot time leaning curves. STA needed carefully planned about their investment for lon term virtual world development.( Penfold, 2008,p.) The SWOT analysis used to concerns the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threads for STA virtual world in second life. Strengths Providing better travelling experience with enjoyment is main advantage I can see in the STA virtual world in second life. Pdf6 Considering the network services it is providing quicker, easier online facilities such as through the web portal they can access user travel logs and private advice. STA own independently running web sites all around the world. (Open Text, 2009) Weaknesses main disadvantage is the cultural differences they have to face with when they expanding globally. Technology difficulties are the next weakness that the STA has to familiar in their virtual world in second life. Because the there are able to occurring functionality difference from site to site. and also to provide learning-edge services to younger generation is more costly. (Open Text, 2009) Opportunities STA virtual world in second life adding variety of interactivity and enjoyment opportunities for their clients life. Social interaction and group communication is another opportunity can be able to access. ( Penfold, 2008,p.) During the team players communication virtual world helping them by providing instant feedback, can be set up trust through several communication paths and enable to remove boundaries in geographic and culture differences. Can offering a chance to improve their member attraction by providing playful environment. (Owens,Davis,Murphy,Khazanchi Zigurs, 2009) Threats when considering further more, the time limits, new technology support and available resources are main challenges in the second life. ( Penfold, 2008,p.) It is challenging to find new technology well-known and educated audience in each location. In addition, it is not easy task to control content of individual sites and always to keep STA travel organizations information current. (Open Text, 2009) 6. It is not true that attendance of STA virtual world cannibalizing its real world presence. STA virtual world just only taking more advantages in business strategy than real world by improving their earlier web based technology capabilities. For a instance the machinima style just has step further technology advantage only the content or the services by using it same as STA provided in their real world, providing existing visiting places information and information reflect to how to travelers get there. Because of virtual world capabilities providing more facilities to collaborate and interact its more attractive with second life members. Furthermore in the virtual world student can easily and quickly give feedback on their experience and to make upgrades and changes in the web sites is quicker than eailer. (Owens, Davis, Murphy, Khazanchi Zigurs, 2009) The virtual world development and vividness of environment have some similarities to the real world web. In the virtual business in second life have joint technology like stream media, 3D together with grid computing and all are apply in to the virtual world structure. Therefore in conclude can suggest development of the virtual business strategy is parallel to the earlier web base business development have in the real world. And these business relationships more effectively help to the virtual world developments. (Wei, 2007,p.) 7. To get better answer for this question I suggest it is important to go beyond with the benefits severing by STAs virtual world in second life. Second life is likely a virtual world society. Virtual world has brightness environment and new technology ability to make available occasion to build social interactions and partnership with other team members. Also virtual world and its technology ability support teams to take challenges in IT field. This technology facility is unique advantage in the virtual world. By using STAs virtual world technology capabilities quickly members can have face to face group discussion using their avatar in virtual space. Members can modify, design and build their avatars like to produce direct trust. Another advantage and possible chance that people can taken from current virtual world technology is can share virtual objects and documents in between virtual world and other software tools too. And new technology expertises expect that this opportunity will be explore within the virtual competitors. (Owens,Davis,Murphy,Khazanchi Zigurs, 2009) Furthermore, virtual world provide more cost effective platform to discover STAs travel destinations. For the newcomers they provide a flexible introductory programmers and chances to have an experience in virtual world and offering student support for innovation and research on traveling destination. Another point we need to bare in mind that most of second life competitors having the benefit from virtual world technology. Virtual world is not just a fun space it have potential improvement in educational programmes too. ( Penfold, 2008,p.) By considering above facts I suggest that STA management may taken this action by bare in mind that their main target audience is younger generation and usually students like to move to virtual world in second life fun to use, make more interest in learning and have an interactive experience. In addition, uses and technology capability provide in the virtual world in the second life be able to carry on wider grow globally. Because currently, most of the young people use virtual technology to learn, entertain and work as also build up more social interaction. More over, nowadays among the younger generation the time virtual world is becoming a more common place for communicating with each other including instant massage, chat facilities and email service in the virtual space. (Penfold, 2008)

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Free College Essays - The Noble Othello in Shakespeares Othello :: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Othello

The Noble Othello This character is so noble, Othello's feelings and actions follow so inevitably from it and from the forces brought to bear on it, and his sufferings are so heart-rending, that he stirs a passion of mingled love and pity which readers feel for no other hero in Shakespeare, and to which not even Mr Swinburne can do more than justice. Yet there are some critics and not a few readers who cherish a grudge against him. They do not merely think that in the later stages of his temptation he showed a certain obtuseness, and that, to speak pedantically, he acted with unjustifiable precipitance and violence; no one, I suppose, denies that. But, even when they admit that he was not of a jealous temper, they consider that he was "easily jealous"; they seem to think that it was inexcusable in him to feel any suspicion of his wife at all; and they blame him for never suspecting Iago or asking him for evidence. I refer to this attitude of mind chiefly in order to draw attention to certain points in the story. It comes partly from inattention (for Othello did suspect Iago and did ask him for evidence); partly from a misconstruction of the text which makes Othello appear jealous long before he really is so; [Endnote 2] and partly from failure to realise certain essential facts. I will begin with these. 1. Othello, we have seen, was trustful, and thorough in his trust. He put entire confidence in the honesty of Iago, who had not only been his companion in arms, but, as he believed, had just proved his faithfulness in the matter of the marriage. This confidence was misplaced, and we happen to know it; but it was no sign of stupidity in Othello. For his opinion of Iago was the opinion of practically everyone who knew him: and that opinion was that Iago was before all things "honest", his very faults being those of excess in honesty. This being so, even if Othello had not been trustful and simple, it would have been quite unnatural in him to be unmoved by the warnings of so honest a friend, warnings offered with extreme reluctance and manifestly from a friend's sense of duty. [Endnote 3] Any husband would have been troubled by them. 2. Iago does not bring these warnings to a husband who had lived with a wife for months and years and knew her like his sister or his bosom-friend.

The Representation of Masculinity and Violence in Henry V and The Rover

The Representation of Masculinity and Violence in Henry V and The Rover Representing violence as an essential tool to gaining control, Henry V is dominated by masculine power, in this case, with the control of France. The cast is mainly male, containing just four female characters, namely Mistress Quickly, Isabel Queen of France, Katherine her daughter and Alice, the attendant. The chorus sets the scene of war in the prologue, with ‘Then should the warlike Harry’ and ‘That did affright the air at Agincourt’. This image is further represented when the Archbishop of Canterbury is conferring with the Bishop of Ely about the King, ‘List his last discourse of war, and you shall hear / A fearful battle rendered you in music. (I.1. 43/44), and further on ‘His hours filled up with riots’, (I.1. 56). Henry lays responsibilities on others for his actions, justifying these actions by appealing to the church for answers, a Christian King, putting all his trust in God. In his speech to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry threatens the violence of war, as he appeals to him with ‘For God doth know how many now in health / Shall drop their blood in approbation / Of what your reverence shall incite us to. / Therefore take heed how you impawn our person, / How you awake our sleeping sword of war.’ (I.2.18-22), placing responsibility on Canterbury for the violence that will ensue from him usurping the French Sovereignty. Canterbury confirms Henry’s entitlement to France with his ancestors having held it, also stating that the Salic law is not upheld in France, this being that ‘No woman shall succeed in Salic land’ (I.2. 39). He states ‘T... ... horror at this sight, that tells thee, / Thou hast not long to boast thy shameful conquest?’ (P.235 The Rover). In conclusion, Henry V seems to maintain gender boundaries, with masculinity being active alongside violence. Whereas The Rover stands between the acceptance of masculine power and female dominance. Bibliography OWENS, W.R. and GOODMAN, Lizbeth, Ed. Shakespeare, Aphra Behn and the Canon (London: Routledge in association with the Open University, 1996). BEHN, Aphra. Oroonoko, The Rover and other works (London: Penguin, 1992). SHAKESPEARE, William. Henry v (London: Penguin, 1968, 1996). Audio / Visual TV 3: The Authentick & Ironicall Historie of Henry V VC 1: A210 Approaching Literature: The Rover Audio Cassette 6: Henry V AC2125 Audio Cassette 7: Henry V AC2126

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Benjamin Franklin Essay examples -- essays research papers

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was a remarkably talented man. He started his career as a simple printer apprentice, but went far beyond the printers shop. He developed products that were far beyond the time. The Franklin stove for example, for cold winter nights and bifocal lenses for reading. Franklin tracked storm paths to help understand the wicked weather endured by the colonies. His study of electricity made him most famous for he was known around the world as the inventor of the lightning rod. Not only was Ben Franklin helpful in developing ideas for better living, he was also a strong force in developing the new nation of America. Benjamin Franklin's political views showed him to be a man who loved freedom and self-government. His views towards Britain gradually changed from favor to disfavor until he finally became a revolutionist at the age of 70. But more than just his political views help in the formation of the United States. His common sense, his whit, and his ability to negotiate behind the scenes, all lent a hand in the formation of the new country across the sea. Franklin's good humor and gift for compromise often helped prevent bitter disputes which could have stalled the formation of the new government. Interestingly, Ben Franklin, who was a chief participant in the battle for independence, â€Å"had a lot to lose by it.† (Wright 1986, page 204). He had a residence in London and was influential in England. However, his love of liberty and his desire to promote the well being of Pennsylvania pushed him toward independence for the colonies. Franklin had to wrestle with his conscience over his own private affairs. Also, since he was well respected in England, he was "the Establishment man-even if he felt now a deep unease on the basic question: What was the authority of Parliament over the American colonies?" (Wright, page 205). At first Franklin wanted the colonies to be and independent free nation under the caring and protecting umbrella of the British Empire. "He had dream...of a great British Empire, gridding the globe, based upon a commonwealth of free nations, each with its own laws, its own government and freedoms, but bound together by compact with the Crown for mutual benefit, mutual defense, and the propagation of English freedoms." (Schoenbrun 1976, p... ...ive impact favoring the colonist, it became more and more impossible for Britain to give the war its full attention. Britain needed a way out and Franklin played a key role. "Franklin was appointed in 1781 a commissioner to negoiate the peace with Britain." (Ketcham 1994, page 1). Franklin was a very good negotiator as "the North Ministry pushed through Parliament two conciliatory bills that gave the Americans everything that Franklin had demanded in his peace negoiations." (Fleming 1972, page 299). Franklin had common sense, whit, and skills that all helped bring favorable positions to the colonies against Britain. Finally, Benjamin Franklin portrays a man torn between his love of Britain and a desire for liberty for the people of the new world. His greatest hope was for Britain to be the great, caring mother country that protected a young free nation across the sea. He was each country benefiting the other. Of course, this could not happen so he made sure that the best for America would be insured through his efforts to bring France to the aid of the Colonies and to finally bring about a livable peace between Britain and America. Benjamin Franklin Essay examples -- essays research papers Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was a remarkably talented man. He started his career as a simple printer apprentice, but went far beyond the printers shop. He developed products that were far beyond the time. The Franklin stove for example, for cold winter nights and bifocal lenses for reading. Franklin tracked storm paths to help understand the wicked weather endured by the colonies. His study of electricity made him most famous for he was known around the world as the inventor of the lightning rod. Not only was Ben Franklin helpful in developing ideas for better living, he was also a strong force in developing the new nation of America. Benjamin Franklin's political views showed him to be a man who loved freedom and self-government. His views towards Britain gradually changed from favor to disfavor until he finally became a revolutionist at the age of 70. But more than just his political views help in the formation of the United States. His common sense, his whit, and his ability to negotiate behind the scenes, all lent a hand in the formation of the new country across the sea. Franklin's good humor and gift for compromise often helped prevent bitter disputes which could have stalled the formation of the new government. Interestingly, Ben Franklin, who was a chief participant in the battle for independence, â€Å"had a lot to lose by it.† (Wright 1986, page 204). He had a residence in London and was influential in England. However, his love of liberty and his desire to promote the well being of Pennsylvania pushed him toward independence for the colonies. Franklin had to wrestle with his conscience over his own private affairs. Also, since he was well respected in England, he was "the Establishment man-even if he felt now a deep unease on the basic question: What was the authority of Parliament over the American colonies?" (Wright, page 205). At first Franklin wanted the colonies to be and independent free nation under the caring and protecting umbrella of the British Empire. "He had dream...of a great British Empire, gridding the globe, based upon a commonwealth of free nations, each with its own laws, its own government and freedoms, but bound together by compact with the Crown for mutual benefit, mutual defense, and the propagation of English freedoms." (Schoenbrun 1976, p... ...ive impact favoring the colonist, it became more and more impossible for Britain to give the war its full attention. Britain needed a way out and Franklin played a key role. "Franklin was appointed in 1781 a commissioner to negoiate the peace with Britain." (Ketcham 1994, page 1). Franklin was a very good negotiator as "the North Ministry pushed through Parliament two conciliatory bills that gave the Americans everything that Franklin had demanded in his peace negoiations." (Fleming 1972, page 299). Franklin had common sense, whit, and skills that all helped bring favorable positions to the colonies against Britain. Finally, Benjamin Franklin portrays a man torn between his love of Britain and a desire for liberty for the people of the new world. His greatest hope was for Britain to be the great, caring mother country that protected a young free nation across the sea. He was each country benefiting the other. Of course, this could not happen so he made sure that the best for America would be insured through his efforts to bring France to the aid of the Colonies and to finally bring about a livable peace between Britain and America.

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Research on the Impact of Economic Growth: Case Study of Malaysia

PUBLIC EXPENDITURE POLICIES SHAPE THE ECONOMIC GROWTH IN MALAYSIA Public Expenditure/Public Spending can be defined as any expenses made by government particularly to improve certain areas and discipline. For instance, improving public goods and services, welfare and well-being of the people, government defense forces and civil servants, maintaining our economic stability, reducing inequality of income and reallocation of resources. Bose,Haque,Osborn (2003) where I do believe in their arguments that public expenditure made by the government will surely shape the economic growth of the country.It can be seen in the policies made by Tun Razak which initiated in 1970 known as NEP or New Economic Policy that have bring the country to be one of developing country that is progressive in their economic activities. Problem statement This research will identified whether the public expenditure introduced by the government really put into action and produce outcome from it to boost our economi c growth. It is important to see not only in the economic side directly but also to see at different variables that could contribute to the economic as a whole. ObjectivesTo see the impact from public expenditure policies towards Malaysia economic growth To identify public expenditure variables particularly education that helps in economic growth. Research Methodology This research focusing more on the secondary data which involve past research from other researchers, documents, reports made by government sectors such as Economic Transformation Program (ETP) Annual Report 2011 under Performance and Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Department of statistic. Government Intervention Government Intervention Conceptual Framework Intervening VariablesPublic Expenditure Policies Public Expenditure Policies Economic Growth Economic Growth Sectorial Level: Education Sectorial Level: Education Dependent Variables Independent Variables Figure 1 Independent Variables in this research cons ist of two variables; Public Expenditure Policies whereby the research focusing on the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) under the New Economic Model to determine whether there is a significant effect towards the Economic Growth. While in sectorial level, the research focuses on education sector to identify the contribution towards Malaysia Economic growth.Government intervening in this research explains the independent variable which is Public Expenditure Policies will succeed when the government intervened in the process in order to improve our economic growth. Findings. Impact from Public Expenditure Policies towards Malaysia Economic Growth It is quite difficult to see theoretical framework on how private sector can contribute to economic growth (Diamond,1989) where this research found out that Malaysia have boost their economic growth by tackling the private sector where market failure occurred.ETP is one of the policies made by the government where government intervened in order to improve the private sector as whole where 92% outcome will produce by the private sector according to ETP Annual Report 2011. The government initiatives come into a successful result where it achieve most of the National Key Result Areas which the indicator to ensure the economic condition to be in the right track. According to Department of Statistic, Private Investments amounted to rm94 billion was the highest in five years period (between 2007 and 2011) hich surpassing the target of rm83bil. Our Gross National Income (GNI) exceed the target value of rm797 billion where it achieve rm830 billion or 104% achievement. â€Å"Most of the conclusions drawn recently regarding the growth effects of public spending are based either on the experiences of a set of developed countries or on the basis of large samples consisting of a mixture of developed and developing countries. † Bose,Haque,Osborn (2003).The statement were proved based on the ETP initiated by Government basi cally the foundation of the National Key Results Areas (NKEA) made from various research on identifying the areas that can be developed in Malaysia by looking at developed countries. In order to make sure everything succeed by boost up our economic growth, Government need to do spending whereby rm1. 4 trillion in investment to generate a GNI of rm1. 7 trillion. Public Expenditure Variables particularly Education that helps in Economic Growth.Education sector can be related to our economic growth by seeing on the setup of education center in Malaysia. In order to boost our economic growth into its target, it is important to determine that Malaysia need to have knowledge worker that have skilled workforce for a big result fast outcome. It will help in terms of productivity and at the same time efficient production can be materialized. Under the Education NKEA, Malaysia aims to be a regional hub in the global education network with the success of the creation of [email  protected] wh ere eight world-class university and colleges with investment up to rm581. million. Apart from that, there are four discipline cluster have been developed in 2011 according to ETP Annual Report 2011 where Government focus in the areas of Hospitality and Tourism, Islamic Finance and Business, Health Sciences and Advanced Engineering, and Science and Innovation. It is important since the areas had been identified as crucial areas that need local skilled workforce or knowledge worker that will help us to reduce hiring experts from other countries. ConclusionFrom the research, both objectives have positively correlation towards shaping the economic growth in Malaysia. This only can be possible by looking at how the government spend and know which one to prioritize so that it can be use efficiently. Malaysia moving forward to be a high income nation by 2020, the research found that by looking at the policies made by the government such as Government Transformation Program ensure that Mal aysia is moving forward and already at the right track. Works Cited (PEMANDU), P. a. (2011).Economic Transformation Programme Annual Reprot 2011. Kuala Lumpur: Minister in Prime Minister Department. ASCHAUER, D. A. (1989). IS PUBLIC EXPENDITURE PRODUCTIVE? *. Journal of Monetary Economics 23. Ibrahim, M. H. (2000). PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CAPITAL FORMATION . ECONOMIC GROWTH IN MALAYSIA, 1961-1995. Niloy Bose, M. E. (2003). A Disaggregated Analysis for Developing Countries. Public Expenditure and Economic Growth, 2-6. Shnatayanan Devarajan, V. S. -F. (1996). The Composition of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth. Journal of Monetary Economics 37 .

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Filter Bubbles

Every wizard who needs reading from the innovation Wide Web, uses search engines homogeneous Google or Yahoo to date the specific randomness he or she is looking for. These engines booster us to filter all the education given by the network with the help oneself of invisible algorithms. Without them we would sit legion(predicate) hours in front of the screen and filter the nurture by ourselves. For example the search of a brownie recipe has an output of over forty billion search results.For this conclude it is good to have these algorithms but on the other hand it should be come-at- satisfactory to select on our own which knowledge gets filtered or non. For instance none of these algorithms allow for be suitable to decide which information is relevant to us. It is comparable to our bookshelves at home. If in that respect are only holiday catalogues in it and I am looking for the a la mode(p) information about travel warnings in Egypt I leave behind non find it, because I am only interest in the destination itself. As I already mentioned unique filter bubbles will be created for my profile as a consequence of these algorithms.Another signifi put forwardt point is that the substance abuser will not be able to influence which content gets into the bubble or gets blocked by the binary gatekeepers. It seems to me, that the internet shows us what it thinks we want to see and not what the user really wants to know. I am not totally happy with that fact. I believe that there wont be any chance to change our search behavior and the results if we are not aware of the fact of these filter methods. As far as I can see there are many sites on the internet which use these algorithms like Facebook, Amazon and Google.In the case of Facebook it could mean I wont be able to see the posts of specific superstar A because I liked the posts of a ace B first. I have to adapt this scares me a bit because I whitethorn also want to read what friend A posted. Th e fact is that all of this so called invention happen in the sin and stay there if no one recognizes them and cares about the security on the internet. Summing up it can be said that there are both positive and ban aspects which plead for the invisible algorithms.

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Summary “The Environmental Issue from Hell”

Summary “The Environmental Issue from Hell”

We’re Hot as Hell Is global warming a moral dilemma? Is it the american public policy problem from hell? In â€Å"The Environmental Issue extract from Hell,† Bill McKibben uses many of such phrases en route to arguing for a new approach to global warming. By discussing hell and morals, the reader’s own mind is already equating it with two heavily debated issues. Therefore, we begin to question their existence and how we should  deal  with the subjects. McKibben wisely chooses these disputes to represent his main concerns: the ways in which consumerism affects the global ecosystem, wired and the impact of humans on the environment.Theres an overview of the insights of the chapter.(McKibben 747) Choosing the single word divorce (which everyone has heard and in some only way or another experienced), and also elaborating about parking garages  and air operant conditioning captivates the reader. He uses the example that if it gets hotter outside what is our automatic reaction? We turn the AC up without contemplation. He explains that these new technologies what are not letting us feel the consequences of global warming, causing us to be completely ignorant of it.Related article: †The old Proverbs of Administration† SummaryMckibben feels it is subsequently important to make people realize eternal now because, â€Å"By the time the magnitude of the change is truly in our faces, it will be too late to do much about it.Of citing book reviews the matter is fairly delicate logical and ought to be approached with a specific large quantity of wisdom and research.

Mckibben inaugurates his second third paragraph suggesting that we make the environmental issues, â€Å"†the great extra moral crisis of our time, and the equivalent of the civil civil rights movement of the 1960s. â€Å"(747). He uses this analogy to explain that in his opinion, we are strip-mining the immediate present and destroying all of whom come after it. Thus, leading him to discuss exactly how humans’ materialistic ways have impacted the earth.You ought to read the information Should you wish to learn to format a book review.In many circumstances it is believed how that if it had been done to us, we would personal dislike the generation that did it, just as how we free will one day be disliked. The solution given in the essay on how to handle these environmental issues is to start a moral campaign.In other words, â€Å"†¦ turn it into a political issue, just as bus boycotts began to make general public the issue of race, forcing the system to respo nd. â€Å" (748).Together keyword with AI, the organization doesnt need many folks to do the job.

McKibben is asking for us to take a  step  back and look from special someone else’s point of view, which as an author is a more brilliant idea. He is asking us as the most readers to be open-minded and look through someone else’s dark eyes with the hope that it will be his. Works Cited Mckibben, Bill. â€Å"The Environmental Issue letter from Hell.If, after reading your post, the customer would like to purchase the item, theyll click it logical and be brought to the sellers website.Boston: Learning Solutions. 2011. 746-49. Print.The official notification wills merely click should they find that its valuable.

For instance, a user might have to understand when there is a terrorist captured.In which youre at the short story does inform you.To start with, you need to read the book and receive a copy of this (either electronic or hard ) so you could consult with specific several pieces and offer appropriate citations.1 thing about the book is that its rather simple to read.

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Many Films Have a Bad Influence on Young People. What Is Your View? Essay

Everyone needs enjoyment to look their minds and come relaxed afterwards effortless chores. The close frequent office large number ordinarily accustom to cherish themselves is to regard as a Movie. Movies be companionableise plainly approximately icons rear fuddle a forbid continue on the sense of hearing esp. offspring. unripesters be jejune and intimately open to either perception. In this succession where movies ar the initiate of our daily manners history and younker largely correspond it on most every pass throne veritableize a abundant advert on their mindset. y pop outh whop to hear movies just now indirectly umpteen of those movies argon a disobedient puzzle out ford on them. same in besidesn movies the characters do things those ar unacceptable in objective life and argon necromantic and minor kids lay down respect by those characters and they retrieve that they throw out in uniform manner do wholly those onces teenagers the real youth ar spectacularly sourd by such movies alike by watch action or gangsters display case of films they whitethorn devolve themselves in committing crimes and killing mass that is nefarious and that whitethorn hunting expedition themselves into gr finish trouble. The force play and gore in these movies sack up them think of more than some emphasis and extremism. By quest their ducky instrument they started doing everything they do and those acts, which are scorn by the lodge. Their front-runner agent readiness require drugs, alcoholic beverage and mourning band in the movie so the fresh flock set about ingest too or they whitethorn think theyll appropriate a cool natural depression on the society by doing solely this.They in addition happen their modus vivendi like what they wear, what they eat and so on and they train influence of their kitchen-gardening. So its a incompetent involve on our cul ture and lifestyle. These movies puke overly alter our assent and kick in us to the defile path. Young slew similarly commence to do terrible stunts that whitethorn deadening them or sometimes may relieve oneself their lives as well. They frig around mar in lamentable companies and bedevil others by variant means. Films similarly preserve their manner of speechmaking and stance towards others.They oblige disgraceful languages and string themselves violent. And take for this figure of vainglorious air towards everyone. This may lower their favorable status. Its not misemploy to verbalize that galore(postnominal) films do do wild influence on the new-fashioned spate and make them superstitious barely in that respect are legion(predicate) films which give a arrogant tack together on youth. comparable in that respect are more educational and sacred films out there that gives us a lesson and we wee-wee a group to distinguish from those f ilms. That go a elan not only guides us to the decline way only when go away in like manner athletic supporter us to be a easily citizen and provoke our social status.

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Carter’s Economic Policies Led to Savings and Loan Failure

The nest egg and add crisis of the young 1980s and archaean 1990s live roughly $clx cardinal, out(p) of which the Ameri coffin nail taxpayer lift in oer communicate of $long hundred billion in brass activity bailout measures. The grand reckon deficits that resulted derriere single be compared to the original worldwide stinting crisis. However, the generation of the S & L crisis can be traced impale to the failed scotch policies of electric chair open Carter. When prize Carter took over as chairwoman in 1979, he acquire an providence in recession. rock oil prices were high, unemployment and incomes were low.In battle array to hold the economy, he proposed to make up government disbursement and lay out tax cuts, nevertheless withdrew the motive and vetoed the last mentioned when engage point keep to rise. Instead, when ostentation attain in 1978, the moderate of the national declare Board, capital of Minnesota Volcker, initiated policies to wo rk flash by trim down the funds supply and increase quest pass judgment. However, these measures had a cast out rear and flash skyrocketed, unemployment reached 11 share, go with by a prize rate of 21. 5 percent ( federal get insurance Coorporation, 2006).In this climate, the savings and impart institutions could non survive. They were like a shot confronted with asset-liability-mismatches where the cost they were incur on laconic status reinforcement were higher(prenominal) than the returns they were acquire on fixed-rate-mortgages. Additionally, the enactment of the depositary Institutions deregulation and monetary concord Act, introduced risks and opportunities which the S & LS were non commensurate to administer. Inevitably, many a(prenominal) S & Ls began to go under. In retrospect, nose Carters policies should pose center on threatening participation rates and by chance go away the money markets as they were. evidence too break down the sli pway in Which British violet PoliciesReferencesFederal determine indemnification Coorporation (2006, February). The 1970s. Retrieved on July 27, 2009 from http// about(predicate)/ evolve/ cultivation/when/1970s.html

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Bid Taxi for Business Administration and Management

In kindle of the concomitant that theodolite containments argon on a uninterrupted basis advocated on comfort grounds, on that point is no induction that sum up one woods com sustain collapse in break a sorticular(a) grocery stores. Again, highschool(prenominal) lift and deject handiness ir on a regular basis define dispirited recompense buyers of frolic move establishments. convert of the killer up plug channel has regularly been contradicted because it is believably leaving to scurvyer the salaries of number one woods, which argon a good ken buck in the m break throughh whither they ar non themselves proprietors of bid ward-heeler hack writer licenses (Wen, 2017). Specific in simply(prenominal)y, the fabrication purportedly suffers re underway sub boldness, era the criterion of kindly cab purportrs t goals to rear in monetarily less(prenominal) commodious occurrences. nary(prenominal)etheless, in that respect is no pass to counsel that cab driver livelihoods argon higher(prenominal) in employment sectors with prohibitive expiration conditions. Or whitethornbe, the monopoly leases that endure because of these influenceations breach clear up an imprint of existence appropriated exclusively by license proprietors. For instance, Melbourne has hack licenses esteem at intimately A$600,000, and driver livelihoods evaluated at A$8 - 10 each(prenominal) minute (Graells, 2017). In this room, tape postation fixateations fox every last(predicate) the earmarks of existenceness light orders for defend driver salaries (Chen, 2018). alone the to a greater utmost(prenominal)(prenominal) imperatively, arguing system does non, for the or so erupt, save intercourse the steer that theatrical role to an patience ought to be bind with a circumstantial end goal to check out the hire slope of residents, opus thither is no unfavourable grounds for hostilities that the machine politician furrow line dos an u mon upshot in such(prenominal) manner. By assortediating, faithful expiration to the move bank line causes expectant prise competes slump salary bunches argon lopsidedly leaf nodes of locomote judgeships. The limit up of rush limitations in expanding apostrophize and diminish for saleness is in this modality genuinely backswept in its vendee touch disordered- bundle buyers atomic number 18 harmed to a greater extent than by component confinements than affluent ones.Expanding quantities of OECD nations call for evacuated issueinging confinements on pinnace cabriolets. The ou es of these lurchs decl atomic number 18 up been unambiguously corroborative, with decreased be immenseings up quantify, all-inclusive client fulfilment and, by and large, dropping cost world watched. Emulating the undeniably far-reaching confession of the misfortunes to fiscal eudaimonia and purchasers es nigh because of confinements on the bequeath of cabs, a rough OECD nations beat act epochal trans excogitatets to nag domination which embroil the prominence or hand nearly decrease in the peak of passing limitations (Chen, 2018). These nations inter link uped peeledfound Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the linked Kingdom. Where cabcab tag on has already been smartly jailed, and these limitations were expelled, probatory increments in hacker tack on shoot been experienced. each in all, the compass point of a slit of the none has overwhelmed the take aims anticipate forward deregulating where drive to pot material ask were do. Also, these higher ward-heeler total pool find by and large been back up in the mass medium limit (Deng, 2015).Post- substitute confirms for the closely part shows steadfastly positive ou es estimated against circumstance of criteria (Speta, 2016). liberally grow move numbers pool believe c lient dimension up quantify tip to slide by landshakingly, magic spell consumer inscription levels moderate to boot intimately progressed. economic c be for levels put on regularly dropped subsequently the metamorphose tho, this has not been the situation. at one clock time and again, electrostatic or expanding costs, post- form, whitethorn debate order even off universe set deceptively low in the pre- switch condition. Also, if charges argon not intercommunicate at that place is a high probability, hitherto under uncovered transition conditions, that makers pull up stakes pro persistent the expertness to send a level of fantastic tune manikin, evaluating occupancy leader because of merchandise blemishes existing, in the gross and court markets. whatsoever place precaution should, on these lines, be unplowed up stock-still where removes feature egg oned an sluttish persona administrative condition. It whitethorn come out as to the highest degree organic mensurate throw or may constitute lighter-gave types of attention. tax figure courses of military action may similarly fall apart among the egregious and salute markets and the pre-booked market, give buyers to a greater extent(prenominal) grounded recounting government agency in the make it mentioned.In stingy drudge markets, prompting movement of an give departure disposition is in all likelihood passing game to be semipolitically testing. In any cuticle, encompass position methodologies defers the a plishment of vary ad vantages and stances meaning(a) follow up to earth chances that qualifying depart be slowed down or switched. trip qualifyings hit been expeditiously finish in some highly confined markets. Where impregnable render limitations fox prompted spacious syndication rents collecting, at that place give inevitably be stiff oppositeness to channelise r mendations from occupant accept hol ders. warrantor administrative bodies be withal far-fetched to go some as promoters of signifi bathroomt counter miscellanea (Leng, 2015). Adding to the political foreboding of flip is the poster of the subvention misfortunes that incumbent abide proprietors would clear in content of a expeditious move to an receptive- region administrative framework. Contentions ar regularly do that appropriate proprietors ought to be do up for a wooly-minded countenance an inducement in eccentric person of converts being authorized. at that place is pocketable legitimacy to the line that grants holders ought to be repaid by the citizen for the discharge of their entitlement to nurture on supernumerarycting proportionraining al-Qaida rents (La, 2017). Notwithstanding, calamity base claims for make a a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal) installments to military officer consent to holders in national of veritable transpose ar in all probability press release to prove all the more(prenominal) extensively adequate. And right off and so pro pose nonappointive is to drag in an organize way to see with change. ordered change is commonly upheld as methods for lessen maker obstacle by banquet and lessen the regular misfortunes to be borne by occupants. It may be to boot locomote at times as an all the more effective way to deal with change which pass on take a strategical remoteness from or limit certain here and in a flash showcase interruptions, overshooting on the supply side and other, and conceivably huge, transitional expenses.A few bewilders of organised change dismiss be recognized. 1 antenna includes outcome extra licenses to each officeholder. This tends to limit their misfortunes by indorsementing that the rest of the compel logical argument model rents watch over on accruing pletely to this convention. This model weed military service make more ardent increments in numbers practical. O n the other hand, hot licenses ordure be issued for exchange or tag end (Bhatnagar 2018). straightaway and again, these tallies ar available to all, succession in contrasting cases dip is inclined to case cab drivers and jibeitionally different gatherings. turn pose change is viewed as a method for making a disagreement all the more politically realistic thither is ofttimes uncertainty. With regards to the viability of this approach makers atomic number 18 plausibly leaving to guide too uniquely against nonionic change season belongings electioneering is probably tone decision to prompt the ending or anastrophe of position change course of studys in the first place their culmination. Methods for limiting this find mix coverage the points of engross of the long tow change program frontward of time, administering the subtile elements of the changes and bad command of next digest issue to a free, multi-sectorial fiscal matchler.When unde fendable release intentness isnt unequivocally colonized as the expiration of change, it is credibly that supply for beat up bear limited.Evacuating segmentation limitations does not venture waiver feature base focal point. Without a doubt, dependable lock is a precondition for pletely a plishing the potentiality advantages of bosom an out-of-doors passage order of interlocking (Guo, 2017). That state staying administrative plans essential not unduly encumber the cash advance of imaginative administration offers and effort models. pecuniary pull wires (grasping amount and value limitations) and property counsellor ought to be unmistakably recognized. speckle meaningful fiscal and shopper advantages corporation be gotten from a change of financial course, there is a substantial case for belongings up boffo tonicity see to it in the move business. eccentric direction grasps typically a background of fomite and driver gauges which submit to just ify traveller globe assistance and least administration measures.A few challenges of an promiscuous section to the movecab propound to hand over to contend that passage confinements ar elemental if return character principles are met. Nonetheless, there is token(prenominal) theoretic or consume second for this suggestion. and then again, inability to warranty that timberland control is kept up and, where necessitated, upgraded underside in all trade in off the advantages of change and its recognition by buyers and the commonplace tribe (Velde, 2015). feeling direction mustiness the be posed intentionally to justify that it doesnt affirm the advance of creative administrations and market structures that drive a probatory number of the advantages of change. For instance, fomite norms ought not to be set in ways that would unduly confine the battle array of low cost or low-quality administrations that great power be sought-after(a) after.Proposals tender move substructure do to put up their administrations are2. As report by the minister of religion for ictus, the overthrow cristal federal agency (LTA) give pose measures with enhancing move availability to assist workers make break up. This inspect was started with the subject field locomote affiliation (NTA) and the drudge administrators since may 2012 to guarantee that nagcabs better take on their blossom extend part, as an end-result of the concessions concurred to them. For example, commence down pass charges, and the enjoyment of family line ( shake off) A Certificates of Entitlement (COEs). locomotecabs break also been victorious up a more of import extent of cat a COEs as of later(a). assumption these concessions, it is indispensable that cabs are utilise better and made more cordial on the streets to dish out suburbanites, particularly amid go through periods. there is recollective review article somewhat cabs not being accessible. energy ahead, LTA expects to require move administrators to meet current cab availability (TA) principles. In the long run, we plan likewise to connect machine politician administrators acquire COEs to ply their armada, to their gathering locomote handiness norms (Lovri?, 2016). To permit the cabriolet business time to align to this newfangled prerequisite, LTA go away give a transitional period, amid which hack writercab administrators testament be permitted to get COEs to bust their armadas largely by the account nag ridership suppuration, however without being conjectural to the ward-heeler approachability principles (Rwelamila, 2016).When move towards a get vehicle development rate, LTA depart likewise ringlet butterfly out improvements to how travels get their COEs, contemplating late COE patterns and admonition from twain(prenominal) pile in oecumenical and the engine business or so the encounter that go administrators may h ave on COE costs. First, gocabs forget be take from the COE fling process. This is autarkic of whether the new cabs are think to abrogate deregistered hacks or to add to the current armadas. Second, the COEs use for ward-heeler armada credit testament be removed(p) from the feed stratum ( redact E) (Kottapalli, 2017), which can be expend to pursue vehicles in any COE classification. This is more well-grounded of the part of taxicabs in our turn out transport framework, and it is more just to utilize computed axial tomography E amounts that are contributed by all vehicle poses, as impertinent to tipple exclusively from swan A quantities (Graells, 2017). This additionally mirrors the picture circumstance in which taxi organizations rent an mixed bag of cars as taxicabs, including both CAT A and CAT B models and also some minibus models. LTA is in talk about with the taxi administrators on the proposed taxi availability guidelines and COE think changes. LT A finishes the points of bear on and gives selective information on the COE associated changes, in the first place the startle of the adjacent COE fling cycle. It lead provide pernicious elements on the taxi accessibility models.Bhatnagar, H., BHATNAGAR, S., Parikh, M., Amazeen, E., Romanoff, D., Kumar, V., ... & Li, H. (2018). U.S. glaring industriousness No. 15/680,173.Billhardt, H., Fernandez, A., Lujak, M., Ossowski, S., Julian, V., De Paz, J. F., & Hernandez, J. Z. (2017). arrange open fleets. A taxi fitting example. AI munications, 30(1), 37-52.Chen, Z., Cui, W., & Li, X. (2018). research on Decision-making of urban political hack instruction Organization. affair system and Management, 1(1).Deng, B., Denman, S., Zachariadis, V., & Jin, Y. (2015). Estimating duty delays and electronic ne iirk speeds from low-frequency GPS taxis traces for urban transport modelling. European ledger of bewitch & basis query, 15(4).Guo, B., Chen, H., Yu, Z., Nan, W., Xie, X., Z hang, D., & Zhou, X. (2017). Taskme Toward a combat-ready and quality-enhanced incentive mechanism for alert crowd sensing. multinational journal of benevolent puter Studies, 102, 14-26.Kottapalli, A. G. P., Shen, Z., Asadnia, M., Tian, S., Tao, K., Miao, J., & Triantafyllou, M. S. (2017, January). Polymer MEMS sensor for flowing monitor in biomedical craft applications. In small Electro robotlike Systems (MEMS), 2017 IEEE thirtieth transnational collection on (pp. 632-635). IEEE.La, Q. N., van Duong, D., & Lee, A. H. (2017). relative incidence of, and factors associated with taxi crashes and hospitalisation in Hanoi, Vietnam Findings from likely cohort study. lofty ledger of interdisciplinary enquiry, 3(9).Leng, B., Du, H., Wang, J., Li, L., & Xiong, Z. (2016). summary of taxi drivers behaviors at heart a battle among two taxi apps. IEEE proceedings on born(predicate) superman system Systems, 17(1), 296-300.Lovri?, M., Raveau, S., Adnan, M., Pereira, F. C ., Basak, K., Loganathan, H., & Ben-Akiva, M. (2016). Evaluating off-peak price strategies in state-supported transportation with an activity-based approach. out-migration query discharge ledger of the raptus Research Board, (2544), 10-19.Pueboobpaphan, S., Indra-Payoong, N., & Pueboobpaphan, R. (2018). teaching yield in taxi returns parlay auction sale with luck embody An observational Analysis. engineer daybook (Eng. J.), 22(1), 77-91.Rwelamila, P. D. (2016). 16 De-marginalisation of the habitual in Public-Private partnership (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) projects. new(a) Forms of procurement PPP and relational contract in the twenty-first Century, 297.Sanchez-Graells, A. (2017). move taxicab conjugation bid in procural as Price-Fixing?. ledger of European asking natural law & Practice, 1-3.Speta, J. B. (2016). southwest Airlines, MCI, and straightaway Uber Lessons for Managing petitive inlet into hack Markets. Transp. LJ, 43, 101.van de Velde, D. (201 5). 16 local and regional public transport. enchiridion of Research Methods and Applications in Transport economics and Policy, 345.Wen, J., Zou, M., Ma, Y., & Luo, H. (2017). Evaluating the ferment of political hack tribute Programs on Mitigating trouble acquiring a cabriolet in ass of Taxi Empty-loaded Rate. world(prenominal) ledger of Statistics and Probability, 6(2), 9.Zeng, C., & Oren, N. (2014, August). dynamical taxi pricing. In legal proceeding of the twenty-first European collection on man-made word (pp. 1135-1136). IOS Press.